September 30, 2018

« Gentle hair removal, suitable for men

Since 2007, Epiloderm Hair Removal Treatment has established itself on the institute hair removal market thanks to a new approach to hair removal: the Epiloderm method, a patented technique, accompanied by natural waxes.

100% adapted to male hair follicles, this method removes the hair in its direction of growth in order to minimize pain while respecting its growth channel.

Result: painless hair removal, without folliculitis and 6 weeks slower regrowth

 (against 3 weeks in classic hair removal). The method is associated with the "Sensitive Skin Wax", specially designed for men, and made from pine resin and azulene (blue chamomile extract) with soothing properties. The hair follicle of men is not naturally thicker and longer than that of women. The cause ? Hormones, especially testosterone. This difference in the nature of the hair means that men are much more prone to folliculitis (superficial inflammation of the hair similar to a pimple). The Epiloderm method makes it possible to remedy this problem by grasping the hair at its bulb, which avoids any risk of breaking it and causing folliculitis. In addition, small irritations caused by hair removal can also be the cause of folliculitis. Thanks to a rich concentration of blue chamomile, the “Sensitive Skin Wax” prevents inflammation, post-depilatory tingling, and instantly soothes the skin. This method also has the advantage of being less painful than conventional hair removal because it respects the direction of hair growth. »

Magazine Les Nouvelles Aesthetics.