Good morning, everyone,

EPILODERM has existed for 10 years thanks to you. Thank you for having placed your trust in us during all these years.

If we approach the question in a basic and summary way, a hair is a hair and anyone can remove it, private or professional. Techniques, tools and products are like notices and are not lacking. The only point that everyone agrees on is that no one wants to keep their hair, no matter if they go to beauty salons or go to the bathroom. A beauty salon client can save on a facial, a massage, a nail treatment but not on hair removal.

Based on this evidence, we could think that what is indispensable must be valued and constantly improved, rethought ...


How can we explain the fact that so many women wax at home or go from one institute to another? Certainly for some, the institute is a budget and you can easily find what you need in supermarkets or on the internet. (Razors, strip waxes, Roll-on...) For others, one institute is worth another. 

What if it's true? If by dint of vulgarising, trivialising, leaving hair removal in the ghetto, we had made the essential into something cheap. 

Why would a customer, under these conditions, agree to pay for something she can find in all institutes or, worse, on supermarket shelves for the same or almost the same result?

Under these conditions, why study, why take risks, if we do not differentiate ourselves, if we do not value our knowledge, our time, in a word what other hands should not be able to do in our place! 

I am also responsible, or at least I contributed like all of us at the beginning of my career to setting this up, learning things that made no sense and that I applied in joy and good humour, without asking myself questions like everyone else. Cosmetics manufacturers were making things easier for us by marketing practical things, not efficient but practical things.

I'd like to say this to all of you, I'd like to shout it, I'd like to shout it from the rooftops:


When I opened my first institute, I wanted to differentiate myself by providing clients with innovative, quality care. Yet the battle was far from being won, settled in Paris with 15 institutes around me within a radius of 200 meters. After a market study, I realized that all the institutes depilated at the same price, with the same waxes and the same technique. What more could I bring? Why would customers come to me?

We had to stand out and propose something else. So I decided to develop, together with a French cosmetics laboratory, a first peelable depilatory wax made from a vegetable pine resin that would be usable with the depilation method I had just created and patented. After many years of thinking and testing, EPILODERM CLASSIC WAX and EPILODERM Hair Removal Care were born. 

My hair removal treatments were the most expensive in the neighbourhood but my institute was always full. My clients were waiting for an appointment and came from far and wide. I offered them a real difference in hair regrowth, texture and an almost complete absence of folliculitis.

The women's press began to take an interest in the care that I had just developed and in this new method that went against everything we knew. 

My greatest satisfaction is to note 10 years later that many manufacturers or wholesalers today claim to be creators of depilatory waxes, special large strip or special thin layer waxes for some, while others still count the pellets or measure the wax strips, continuing to talk about price instead of quality.

I am proud to have created Epiloderm, Le Soin d'Epilation and to share it with you every day. Your talent is limitless and it has only one price, the price of quality! Thank you for your loyalty.

See you soon for a new article.

Epiloderment yours

Sandrine, creator of depilation treatments