July 17, 2020

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Hair removal treatments, Epiloderm

In summer, post-depilation treatments are our essential allies to eliminate dead cells, ingrown hairs and prepare the skin for a smooth, uniform and luminous tan that lasts! Creator of hair removal care, Epiloderm® has established itself on the institute hair removal market since 2007 thanks to an innovative approach: “The Epiloderm® method” combined with its patented 100% plant-based waxes. Going against the current of classic hair removal, this surprising method is opposed to the precepts so far taught in beauty schools and practiced in institutes. Thanks to a wide range of complementary treatments (Exfoliating treatments, moisturizing treatments & serum) the Epiloderm hair removal treatment offers up to 6 weeks of softness, comfort and freedom!

Evolution Detox Scrub with 100% natural GMO-free Activated Charcoal

Evolution Detox Scrub with activated carbon is the essential beauty treatment for the Epiloderm® hair removal method. It is the result of a skilful dosage of natural ingredients (96%) specifically associated to provide soft and purified skin. It activates cell renewal (crystallized sugar), detoxifies the skin (bamboo activated carbon). Antioxidant (vitamin E), it also has a softening, moisturizing & emollient effect (grape seed oil). An exceptional hair removal treatment is above all quality hair and skin! Apply once or twice a week to maintain and prepare the skin for hair removal treatment.

Evolution Mousse and Evolution High Concentration Serum

Evolution foam is a treatment with high moisturizing power, combined with a patented anti-regrowth plant active ingredient (Larrea Divaricata) dosed at 5%, with anti-proliferative & anti-inflammatory properties. It is a skilful dosage of hyaluronic acid (moisturizer) and natural rosehip oil (cell regenerator which accelerates healing). It contains soothing principles like urea & aloe vera. Offering daily freshness and well-being, it hydrates and slows down the multiplication of the hair follicle. The Evolution High Concentration Serum contains a patented plant active ingredient that slows down the multiplication of the hair follicle while having a anti-inflammatory. Its 6.5% concentration of Larrea Divaricata (anti-regrowth plant active ingredient) makes this treatment one of the anti-regrowth serums with the highest concentration on the market. Specially designed for intimate areas (bikini, armpits, face).

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